Circa Blue, formerly Splintered Heart, was established in 2008 and purchased in March 2016 by Hermosa Beach local Cat Gimple. The puppy friendly shop has come to be known as the place that's open early, closes late, and is always showcasing something new, whether it is a SoCal designer's fall line or a collaborative wall piece from our local artists.

Cat Gimple has been a resident of Hermosa Beach for nearly ten years. As her children grew older and moved out, she began looking for a new challenge and found a wonderful opportunity in Circa Blue!  Cat has poured her heart and soul in to creating a fun place for ladies to come hang out and pick up something new and inspiring for their closet. 

    Cat Gimple is the owner of Splintered Heart of Hermosa Beach.

    Cat's philosophy: I understand how challenging and intimidating shopping can be. Becoming the owner of Circa Blue has given me the opportunity to explore and have fun with clothes.  I try to give that same freedom to my customers. Circa Blue is a safe, fun place to play around with fabrics and cuts.